Now MTS Mblaze Hi Speed Internet Data Card is available at Just Rs. 1149. The old price was Rs. 1599 but recently it reduced to Rs. 1149. Also MTS Broadband has launched some new longer period tariff plans. MTS Mblaze device is available in two versions – Standard and Premium.

Price , Features, Specifications of Mblaze modem are given as below.

Price Details

Rs. 1149

Device Specifications

Surfing Speed 3.1 Mbps
Upload Speed 1.8 Mbps
Memory Slot for external storage Yes, Micro SD
Free Web Browsing Yahoo, Facebook, Wikipedia

Stylish modem for flexible usage Plug and play mode, no CD installation required

These are the features, specifications and price of MBlaze device.

Where to Buy

You can buy it from your nearest MTS store or Dealer. To know details of your nearest MTS store please see the topic MTS Dealers. or Click on your area name at Popular Topics. (Right Sidebar)