MTS Broadband Unlimited Plans

MTS Broadband (Mblaze Data Card) has launched Unlimited Tariff Plan for Rs. 799 per month. This is the first CDMA based hi speed data card offering Unlimited Tariff plan with speed up to 3.1 Mbps. If we compare it with other Data Card Service Provider (Tata Photon and Reliance Broadband) its much cheaper. The speed for first 15 GB will be 3.1 MBPS and after this speed reduces to 144kbps. (Tata Photo & reliance offers 5 GB at 950 per month).

MTS MBlaze Unlimited Plan Details

Now services such as Live Videos, Music and Movies download, Social Networking, Games, Email, and much more with Unlimited Internet for Rs. 799 only.

Charges Data Speed Fair Policy Validity
Rs. 799 6 GB 3.1 Mbps Speed After 6 GB  Data Usage will be 144 Kbps 30 Days
Rs. 899 12 GB 3.1 Mbps Speed After 12 GB  Data Usage will be 144 Kbps 30 days
Rs. 1249 15 GB 3.1 Mbps Speed After 15 GB  Data Usage will be 144 Kbps 30 Days

The MTS Mblaze Data card plan Details are as given as below-

Total Cost per month:

Plan 1: Rs. 799

Plan 2: Rs. 899

Plan 3: Rs. 1249

Available in both prepaid as well as postpaid

Additional Charges:


Where to Buy:

This MTS Mblaze Unlimited Tariff  plan available at any MTS Store.

There are attractive offers available for this plan. You can get more information from your nearest mts dealers or store.


  1. says

    Beware of all unlimited plans from MTS. All are limited plans effective only for 2 to 3 days. Then it is gone. Why they are not offering real unlimited plans with out downloading restrictions.

  2. siddharthan says

    the best coverage network in the chennai and it sourrounding network is MTS, unbelivable downloading speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed…………..thanks to MTS team.

  3. Jeevanand says

    one of the worst cheaters in the field…speed is 10 times less than their promise 3.1 Mbps…comparable to the worst BSNL

  4. manjunath says

    i just bought a new data card last month.the last date to recharge my data card was on 19th but on 19th itself they have deactivated my data card its so unfair as they announce til 19th is there but how can they deactivate on 19th itself as i get the 19th whole day to recharge…its so unfair…

  5. Naggesh Sai says

    I am planning to buy mts i want to know what is the speed given by mts in kanchipuram(TN) India.If anyone now about speed pls inform me as soon as possible thxs for reply in advance

  6. says

    Do not waste your money. Their schemes are unreliabale ulimited schemes.Unlimited broadband should ensure reasonable uniform speed of say minimum 512 kbps throughout the currency of the schemes without any downloading limt. Downloading should be unlimited for any fixed broadband limit. Otherwise I am wondering how they are calling their plans unlimited. If you buy their plans you are totally under their mercy, Once your downloadable limit is over/or deliberately closed/exhausted by the company. Then you will wait and struggle even for normal browsing or to login and open and read your e-mails. Under the total currupt bureaucratic system prevailing in the country these companies are looting the general public. Spend your money for getting unlimited brodband from BSNL landline without any restriction on your download

  7. Shivam says

    Sir/Mam There is no network Coverage of Mts M-Blaze In Hamirpur & mahoba District So I request & Suggest You To establish Network In These Areas I will be highly Thankful For you…………Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  8. abhijeet says

    yes mts is a very good device and i get a maximum speed of 320 kbps normally sometimes it also goes upto 450 kbps!! its a good device and speed may vary from place to place.

  9. man singh says

    “Complaint against Network problem”

    Very bad service in sant garh new delhi-110018
    This problem in this entire area since 18 months but no responce from your side..
    If you resolved this network problem then ok otherwise I log a complaint against you in consumer court….

  10. chintan says

    know the differnce btwn Mb and MB… 1MB=8 Mb…and 1kB=8Kb…(b stands for bits and B stand for byte) so mts promises you speed of 3.1 mbps .. that is around 0.387 MBps… so maximum download speed you can achieve is approx 380 KBps.. :)

  11. Adappa says

    its really waste of money you will never get the speed specified, anyway its pre paid ,money is collected before we test and after that our suffering starts, if any complaints regarding the speed then they will say ,clear history ,change setting,which pc is used and etc….but they wont accept that the slower speed is due to weaker signal…….

  12. shahul says

    MTS connection is the worst connection I had ever seen .friends dont any one please take this mts broad band coonection ,because i am facing a lot of problem.
    i had charged for rs 799 (avanta ammeda offer) & after one day it is not working ,it has no connection.
    To whom we will ask there is very bad response from the customer care.

  13. Ganesh M says

    The above said offer is very good, but the only thing is what if the said speed in not constant at all time of the use? what if its wrong can MTS guarantee cash back/refund for the Device paid? How is the service provided?? when ever there is problem no one bothers at any company but at the time of payment we receive so many mail/calls,is you people give service only for money or service can be delivered when required very quick! i expect solution before it arises. Since am a regular user i need full freedom and speed to browse every day,if this service is available then you guys can sure to bring the post paid connection to me with provided details very clear. as required.


  14. Tathagata Chakraborty says

    Sir, I want to know that, in site they are telling that in Kolkata MBlaze offers Rs647 plan that is 6GB. But when i call MTS Internet Customer care they tell me it is 1GB. Which is Right???

  15. Vishal Bansal says

    i live in gurgaon and using MTS Mblaze . i want to know is there any unlimited plan for mblaze at speed 3.1 mbps without reducing speed after a specific usage.

  16. Badal Agrawal says

    can you please tell about the roaming charges of mts data card of circle up when i use it in delhi

    • MTS Customer Service India says

      Hi Chetan Bansal,
      We regret the inconvenience caused. Please specify your Contact number so that we can contact you to resolve your issue.

      MTS Customer Service India

      • Clarence P. Godinho says

        I got myself a new MTS 999/- plan on 30th of July dat has around 3 MBps speed upto 10 gb usage and comes down to 144kbps once u exceed 10 gb,but ryt from d beginning my speed was 240kbps(not 3MBPS), and wen i exceeded my 10gb usage d speed has come down to 3kbps and not 144kbps.
        so what r u gonna do about it?
        or else i will b forced to ditch MTS and move on to other service provider.
        HElp/Reply is expected at a very short notice,coz in few days,im going to b out of my hometown for d next 20 days n im gonna need fast n convenient service if it isnt going to b from MTS,den so be it.
        thanking reply

  17. mayank yadav says


  18. Grittin James says

    Yes MTS can give unlimited, bc, if you used 24hr in a day also, you will not cross 10GB, in a month, thats the speed of MTS

  19. shreyas says

    i hv prepaid mblaze modem/connection with 999(unlimited) recharge.i want to know my data balance but through mblaze application>settings>check my balance is showing me just the money balance which is obviously Rs 0( why wud i recharge mblaze excess of data pack).its annoying pls help..

  20. bala says

    They are telling that the mblaze speed is 3.1mbps but its normaly 0 to 50 sending speed frequently variable all time …. they are telling lie ….

  21. sugavanam says

    sir i am using mts @647 plan he told , u will get 1 mb speed up to 1gb download. but i am getting 10-14kbps download speed. using win xp serv pack 2. can anybody good guys help how to improve the speed?

  22. says

    thik he yar means koi bhi net connection sirf bolte he ki 3.5 or else ki speed but hoti he sirf 5ookbps max.. in mts it is all a network based connection network full he to speed achi ayegi varna 1X se hi kam chalana padega ,,,.. i am using mts from 3 months

    some imp plans may you got impressed watch it :-

    * with fair usage policy
    * Mblazer 97 – Unlimited (0.5 GB-3.1 Mbps, after 0.5 GB 5.5 GB with 1x speed)
    * Mblazer 298 – Unlimited (1 GB-3.1 Mbps, after 1 GB till 4 GB 144 kbps, after 4GB, speed will be 64Kbps)
    * Mblazer 397 – Unlimited (1 GB-3.1 Mbps, after 1 GB till 2 GB 144 kbps, after 2GB, speed will be 64kbps)
    * Mblazer 647 – Unlimited (1 GB-3.1 Mbps, after 1 GB till 6 GB 144 kbps, after 6GB, speed will be 64Kbps)
    * Mblazer 798 – Unlimited (6 GB-3.1 Mbps, after 6 GB till 10 GB 144 kbps, after 10GB, speed will be 64Kbps)
    * Mblazer 999 – Unlimited (12 GB-3.1 Mbps, after 12 GB 18 GB with 1x speed)
    * Mblazer 1198 – Unlimited (1 GB / Month-3.1 Mbps, after 1 GB / Month till 6 GB 144 kbps, after 6 GB, speed will be 64Kbps)
    * Mblazer 1898 – Unlimited (12 GB / Month-3.1 Mbps, after 12 GB / Month till 24 GB 144 kbps, after 24 GB, speed will be 64Kbps)
    * Mblazer 3990 – Unlimited (6 GB / Month-3.1 Mbps, after 6 GB / Month till 10 GB 144 kbps, after 10 GB, speed will be 64Kbps)
    # Applicable only to 1499 activation plan.
    Usage charge of Rs.2/MB apply post validity period
    Subscriber showing zero activity (recharge, voice, SMS, VAS, data) for 180 days will be temporarily deactivated

    @link is here

    have fun ,,.._sumit

    • says

      boss after that, that’s a edge speed , that will be like that only, u got 15gb perfectly from MTS means thats all, plz dont give comment like , its awesome

  23. Riche says

    MTS is realy a pest its jst the name n fame about the company which bullys people no proper customer service no after sale service nothng just 2 buy their product they speak network is horrible and all fake promises they give their customers i am sayng it cuz my friends n i all six of us brought this mblaze n they cheated all of us n all kind of ways where speed is concernd whr suffing is concernd the recharges n many more And the company never excepts it.
    MTS Is all shit 2day!!!

  24. RAMESH says

    If student and employee wana good service for MTS DATA CARD (MTS Mblaze) in Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gurgaon @
    9136422500, 9990617450
    Prepaid Plans -
    ? 1300 Rs – 5 GB for One month with device
    ? 1600 Rs – Unlimited for One month with device
    ? 2000 Rs – 5 GB each for 1st Three months with device
    Features -
    ? Plug & Play enabled
    ? Speed upto 3.1 Mbps
    ? Fastest uploads at a speed to upto 1.8 Mbps
    ? Micro SD card slot for data storage
    ? Stylish swivel modem for flexible usage

  25. Naren says

    Mts ki speed jordar hai dosto mujhe batao kyu ki mai pahle se hi tata photon use kar raha hu tu mujhe usme utna magha nhi aa raha so kindly tell me a good service.

  26. Naren says

    Mts ki speed jordar hai dosto mujhe batao kyu ki mai pahle se hi tata photon use kar raha hu tu mujhe usme utna magha nhi aa raha so kindly tell me a good modem.

  27. sam says

    I bought MBLAZE and it is coimbatore, max speed is less than 300kbps instead of 3.1 mbps.waste of money.If anybody wants to buy,try first from someone else card then buy it.think twice before buying it.

  28. vinay says

    wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iam really happy with ma new mts connection… iam getting around 90- 150kbps download speed in the remote area of goa …………saligoa

  29. pratik says

    MTS has bad network so m gonna sell it…reported MTS coustomer care for low speed atleast 7 time after my second recharge of 999RS and speed i was getting was max. 155 kbps…total loss for me

  30. s.manikandan says

    pay only for usage not for datacard in MTS broadband connections for more detials contact:-08925741756

  31. says

    I took this Mts But servicer Provided to me is Poor, I will never recommed mts to any of my friend, More over the offer in pune of mts service are not helping at all,

    my mts no is …………
    my contact no is 9011696938
    please i reqest all of the new customer think befor you buy mts broadband
    bob bajwa ……bye

  32. golam yazdani says

    i would like for 3 months of Rs of 998/- and usage of 3 GB Broadband no. 8926062858 and mobile no. 9819690838 please call me…….

  33. Ganga Sharan says

    Downloading speed in unlimited plan is never 3.1Mbps as claimed by the company. Even for fist 15GB it is less than 200Kbps.

  34. Abhishek Kumar Nigam says

    I am living at varanasi. If i recharge the MTS MBlaze with unlimited plan of Rs.999*, will it give speed of 3.1MBPS in varanasi ? and kindly tell me the difference between MTS standard virsion and premium virsion .

  35. manish says

    Corporate Offer in Pune: Premium version of Mblaze device at 999 only
    kindly let me know about any MTS corporate offer in Ranchi city.


  36. Deepak says

    my mts mblaze is not working at all.
    I have gave complaint many times but i dont get a single reply.
    i have lossed my money and time due to mts

  37. shaikh salauddin says

    i want to purchase MTS broadband but i didnt got any more information about it.
    can u suggest me about d  MTS plan

  38. S Chatterjee says

    I want to take a wireless broadband connection for my site office in Powai – in front of Ramada hotel, Mumbai. This will be multiuser – 6 pax max and I need an unlimited data plan. Can you provide a solution with at least 2 mbps speed?

  39. says

    kindly please anyone send me the cost and speed details about the datacard MTS,TATAproten,Airtel, i am staying in Bangalore Bannerghatta Road, i want to buy any one among this if there is any detail please send the contact number so that i can go and buy there, kindly please replay for this mail

  40. vwbedekar says

    I want wireless broadband plan to be used mostly at Satara (Maharashtra). My usage will be around 4-5 gb per month. My mobile is 9423335729. Pl get in touch with me.
    VW Bedekar

  41. says

    How many expense there first time buy Mblaze Plan with Data Stick.
    It’s is really Rs. 999* Unlimited for new connection.

    Please Reply it with confirmation of this Plan.

    As Soon As Possible….

    Warm Regd’s:

    Manoj Kr. Gupta

  42. pras says

    i would like to use Broadband USB internet connection and kindly suggest which is good options to go ( my limit is : 2-3GB for month) to work from home

    1. Reliance
    2. Tata Phonton
    3. MTS

    pls send me to

  43. RITHEESH says


  44. S yadav says

    Broadband connect speed is well but after use of broadband, 1x mode speed is very very bad as 5-10kbps.

    • K dude says

      dude that depend on our signal strength as well, it is generally 16-20Kbps….. good luck with ur range, MTS Rocks!!!!!!

  45. Arpana says

    Please provide me a details of unlimited internet broadband plan.
    required in andheri lokhandwala main market

    • iqbal says

      kachada seth , look at BSNL EV DO (3.5Mbps @ 750 per month with unlimited Plan. with seamless roaming.
      I think U all BIG FOOL

      • Raheshbond says

        I agree iqbal,
        When i was buy this damn MTS with in 3 months i sufferd a lot, when we recharge for limitted plans like (298, 498, 598) the speed will be very high and it wont come to atleast 3 days if we are getting signal or not but we switch to unlimited (798, 999) there is a problem when the after reacharge first date itself the speed will be very low like (80 , 100, 115 kpbs) i was really with this MTS, this weekend is my last date of validity iam going to through up this MTS datacard, its really frustrating, if call to the customer care also they saying
        1- you dont have signel,
        2- when u restart the system it will be speed,
        3- then clear all the history,
        Really they cheating us, when the limited plan how these problems are working ha, i really fed up this MTS,
        i can assure this they even dont have care for the customer, i ll reacharge this month for 798 but when i talk to the cutomer care beyond this problem for 500Rs see how

    • chandru says

      this is chandru’ mts broad band data card rate 1150/
      u want this cont 9244282837
      Mts sales executive

    • anoop says

      I am a dealer of mts broadband and other products like Mtag (the antroid phone of rs 4500)etc in kerala.we have many attractive schemes and loan systemis also available. to know more fell free to contact:07736712267

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