You can Download here latest MTS Mblaze Software for Hi Speed Broadband Internet Device. Here is the MTS Mblaze S/W available in two types – Premium and Standard. If you device is MTS Mblaze Standard, download standard version software and for Premium download Premium version.

Please click on following links to download software

Software for MTS Mblaze

Windows 7 Users, Mac OS Users

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How to Enable National Roaming on MTS Mblaze Premium?

See the steps given here to enable national roaming on MTS Broadband Device

Download and save the .zip file on your desktop
Unzip the Update tool (SSTL Update Tool 1.0.1 setup)
Double click the exe file (SSTL Update Tool 1.0.1 setup) “
Click on next – next- and accept and click finish in the end.
The Installer application (SSTL Update Tool 1.0.1 setup) should terminate and the update tool should execute by itself (icon will be
created on your desktop)
Now disconnect and close the Mblaze opening window/landing page
The Installer screen shall be displaying two buttons Update and Exit.
Click on Update
You will see the success message
click on exit
If you see a message “Unable to open Port”, please check that the device is plugged in properly and is opening window or page is
For any assistance please contact customer care.
Enable Roaming on MTS Mblaze Standard